Ingrac S.r.l

Ingrac is based in Italy’s central region of Umbria and runs its operations from an 9,000 square meter facility (including factory and warehouse). Ingrac also works together with the associated company Faroplast in order to offer its customers paperboard as well as combined plastic/cardboard packaging solutions.
To assure optimal quality of product we achieved certifications about materials and manufacturing processes.

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Our Services


Our solutions can fit any packaging needs: our high qualified staff can evaluate your projects with you to reach optimal final result.
On your request we can assist you at any step of product development. We can guarantee an optimal quality of the final product also for custom requests.

Product's production steps
Offset Printing

We are able to produce food packaging solutions by using low smelling and low migration inks which allow us to produce second and third level food packagings.

Food packaging solutions

We can perform various applications to satisfy any particular needs:

  • Plastification.
  • Transparent PET windows applications.
  • Layers hot insertion.
  • Silk-screen printing and UV painting.
  • .

Cardboard packages with plastic components
Microwave Coupling

Thanks to this technique we can build packages by coupling a corrugated paper layer with a printed one: these packages are particulary tough and durable.

Microwave Coupling Machines

Our machines can can process high level orders and perform any kind of pouncing to meet project specifications.

Custom pounching procedure for cardboard display rack

Glueing processes are very important to obtain an optimal product toughness. Our 4  glueing lines can perform glueing procedures on cases, small display racks or boxes. Based on package typology we can use normal glues or food specific ones.

Product with custom glueing solutio

In order to meet project specifications we can assemble final products by forming machines or by manual procedures.

Automated lines for assembling procedures